Raymond Pettibon

My wife and I at Seattle Art Museum Pop Art opening. Five Pettibon’s including “Jealous Again” cover art. I love my wife!



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Edgar Allen Poe

I don’t know if you remember or not, but last year, my friend Richard and I put out an audio book of Edgar Allan Poe´╗┐. This is the perfect gift for Halloween! The audio book is available through Audible, but if you buy the Kindle edition on amazon for $4.32, you can get the audio version for an additional $1.99. What a bargain! Print version available too!

Poe Boys Cover full

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Dream Throat

Today’s noble cause is a film called “Dream Throat”. Can’t wait until 2016 to see Twin Peaks? Donate a few dollars here and see it sooner. Michael Arcos is an artist that I’m very fond of. His previous project was a great band called Jane Jane Pollock. You will recognize that band name because they are frequently on my “best of the year” lists. He will probably make the list again this year because of his massively great cassette called “Blackberry Bones”. He’s not asking a ton of money, so maybe you can spare something?

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Dead Body

Today’s noble cause is the horror film called “Dead Body”. Written and Produced by Ramon Isao who also co-wrote and starred in “Junk” AND co-wrote “Zombies of Mass Destruction”. Both of which I did sound design for. Watch “Zombies of Mass Destruction” on Netflix streaming. Watch “Junk” on Hulu.

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Prince Ali

Seems like October is fund raising month on so many level. I don’t want to be left out of the game, so I will suggest a few donation worthy projects over the next few days.

First one up, I’ve told you about before. I’ve done the sound design for ALL of Kevin’s films. This one will be cool too. They are ALL cool.

Please help


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Favorites for Sept 2014

Favorites for September 2014. Most tracks from 7″ singles.

Sept 2014 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud

Ken Griffin – The Dipsy Doodle
Regal Tahitian Drum Dancers – Kamara
Regal Tahitian Drum Dancers – Tamure and Totooe
Ralf Bendix – Babysittin Boogie
Marianne Vasel and Erich Storz – The Little Train
Captain Kangaroo – Johnny One Note
Swingle Singers – Fugue En Re Mineur
The Dovells – Mope-Itty Mope Stomp
Mercy – Fireball
The Tornadoes – Telstar
The Tornadoes – Jungle Fever
Martin Denny – Quiet Village
Dave Brubeck – Makin Time
Victor Feldman Trio – Lawrence of Arabia
Michael Henderson – Slingshot
Telly Savalas – Who Loves Ya Baby
Jo-Jo & the Fugitives – Fugitive Song
The Cougars – I Wish It Would Rain
M. Said & Les Remaja – Temasah Ria
The Ventures – Journey to the Stars

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Chrome – Feel It Like a Scientist

Brilliant…Genius…Album of the Year!

This record will satisfy old and new Chrome fans. I can’t get it off my turntable!


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Happy Mabon Everybody

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Huffington Post on Prince Ali

Huffington Posts thinks “Prince Ali” is worth donating to. We are trying to raise money to make this short. I will be the sound designer. Kevin Hamedani is the director. You will know him from his other films that I did sound design for, namely “Zombies of Mass Destruction” and “Junk”. Max Borenstein is co-directing. You will know him as being the writer for the latest “Godzilla” film. Please help them is you can.


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Junk on Hulu

I’m pleased to announce that you may now see this film on hulu! I was the sound designer on this film and there are a few Jabon tracks in there too!


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