VR Audio for all, VR Audio for none

I’m super excited about VR and can’t wait for the consumer headsets to be available, but I’m really bummed that very few consider anything at all about the audio portion of VR.

There are several companies that make camera harnesses or camera rigs and only one that I’ve seen so far addresses the issue of audio for VR (fingers crossed for Nokia). The issue is, how do you record spherically and not have the mic in the shot? Most camera rigs use Go Pro cameras, but made no accommodation for a mic array.

Google Jump makes space for the array by not shooting up or down, but their solution for VR audio is to use an H2? Seriously!? How can you be so short sighted. It’s like an entire industry forgot about about half the experience.

I’ve checked out a ton of VR video and I can say that across the board, no one is doing the audio right or at all. It’s really depressing. So I need to be knighted the VR Audio Ambassador whose mission it is to let these companies know that they missed a big part of the solution.

In the meantime, I will quietly continue my research into 3d panning and the building of immersive audio WITHOUT picture. Take that! You forgot about me. I forget about you. #VR #VRAudio