Favorites for January 2015

Happy Imbolc Everybody!

Here’s my favorites for January 2015

K. Leimer – Ceylon
K. Leimer – My Timid Desires
K. Leimer – Entr’acte
K. Leimer – Gisella
K. Leimer – Reassurances
K. Leimer – Eno’s Aviary
K. Leimer – Malaise
Klaus Schulze – Alles Ist Gut
Klaus Schulze – Well Roared, Lion
Klaus Schulze – Radio Goethe 2
Klaus Schulze – Radio Goethe 1
Don Slepian – Awakening (excerpt)
Hearts of Space – 003 – BEYOND BAROQUE
Gyorgy Legeti – Lux Aeterna

January 2015 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud

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