Let it Be Live in 1989

1989 seemed to be a killer year for live shows I attended

Halo of Flies Dreamerz,Chicago,IL
Jane’s Addiction Riviera,Chicago,IL
Gwar Dreamerz,Chicago,IL
Roger Miller Metro,Chicago,IL
Die Kreuzen Dreamerz,Chicago,IL
Plastic People Chicago Filmakers,IL
Henry Rollins Dreamerz,Chicago,IL
Half Japanese Metro,Chicago,IL
Skin Yard Cubby Bear’s,Chicago,IL
White Zombie Medusa’s,Chicago,IL
John Zorn Civic Theater,Chicago,IL
Die Kreuzen Metro,Chicago,IL
Tiny Tim Polish Fest.,Chicago,IL
Pussy Galore Cubby Bear’s,Chicago,IL
k.d Lang Park West,Chicago,IL
Butthole Surfers Vic Theater,Chicago,lL
Tar Babies Avalon,Chicago,IL
Stabbing Westward Avalon,Chicago,IL
Sun Ra Vic Theater,Chicago,IL
Christian Death Dreamerz,Chicago,IL